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What Laws Are Impacting Grand Rapids Area Residents

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Michigan SOS lifts driver’s license suspensions for more than 150,000 residents

November 18, 2021

In all, the Michigan Department of State has canceled infractions on the driving records of more than 350,000 Michiganders. Letters with more information are being sent this week to all impacted

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Grand Rapids removes 2 parks, Calder Plaza from to-go drinking areas to comply with state law

November 16, 2021

The city has about 90 blocks of social district commons areas, largely in downtown, and more than 60 bars and restaurants authorized to sell the to-go drinks.


10 tips to help Michigan hunters avoid common violations during firearm deer season

November 10, 2021

Michigan’s 2021 firearm deer season begins on Nov. 15


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Detroit Becomes the Second-Largest U.S. City To Urge Tolerance of Psychedelic Use

November 5, 2021

Detroit voters this week overwhelmingly approved a ballot initiative aimed at protecting people who consume "entheogenic plants" from arrest and prosecution.

Although the Detroit ballot initiative claims to "decriminalize" natural psychedelics "to the fullest extent permitted under Michigan law," it does not affect state penalties for possessing such drugs, which Michigan classifies as Schedule I substances. Even low-level possession (involving less than 25 grams) remains a felony, punishable by up to four years in prison and a $25,000 fine.


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Bill to get rid of ‘tampon tax’ signed into law

November 4, 2021

When the bills are fully implemented, the sales and use tax on feminine hygiene products will be eliminated in about 90 days.

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New law helps police keep drivers accountable around school buses

October 28, 2021

Prior to Oct. 11, drivers couldn’t be punished for passing a bus unless an officer caught them in the act. Now, thanks to a new law, police can issue citations based on video recordings that are captured by a school bus when an officer isn’t present, and the fines are hefty.

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Thousands of Michigan firms face Dec. 8 COVID vaccine mandate deadline

October 27, 2021

"About 3,200 Michigan-based workers at Steelcase Inc. learned last week that they must prove by Dec. 8 that they have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

That’s because the Grand Rapids furniture maker, which employs 4,800 total workers in the United States, is a federal contractor that supplies government offices. The workers now face a choice: Get vaccinated, seek an exemption or risk suspension or firings.

So do workers at fellow Michigan furniture makers Haworth and MillerKnoll, which announced they too would enact a vaccine mandate to preserve their sales to the government."

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The software that Michigan State Police can use to watch your every move

October 20, 2021

The growing use of little-known surveillance software that helps law enforcement agencies and corporations watch people's social media and other website activity.

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Michigan Court of Appeals reaffirms decision finding unconstitutional distortion

October 16, 2021

Michigan Business Tax (MBT) liability can get tricky when trying to figure out the state’s statutory apportionment formula

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All THC Products Derived From the Cannabis Plant to Fall Under MRA Regulation

October 12, 2021

Effective October 11, 2021, it is illegal for businesses to manufacture, possess, transfer, inventory, sell, or give away delta-8 THC or THC-O-acetate without proper licensing and approval from the MRA.


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