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Retirement and Pension Benefits for Tax Year 2022

February 1, 2023

Michigan Updates Information on Income Tax Treatment of Retirement and Pension Benefits for Tax Year 2022

It's that time of year.

The Michigan Department of Treasury has issued a release that summarizes the Michigan income tax treatment of retirement and pension benefits effective for tax year 2022.

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Vanity license plates too crude for Michigan roads

January 24, 2023
A master list of vanity license plates too crude for Michigan roads
Nice try, but whoever requested ‘BEERME,’ ‘L0LBUTT’ or even ‘EF0HI0′ as their custom license plate won’t get to show them off in Michigan.
The rejected words are among more than 21,000 personalized plates banned by the Michigan Department of State for being dirty, graphic or hateful.
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Michigan Counties With The Most Crimes Commited

January 17, 2023
Each year, the Michigan State Police's Criminal Justice Information Center division compiles statistical crime information from all around the state to help provide a general overview of crime in Michigan. Crimes ranging from murder and assault to robbery, larceny and burglary are included, as are carjackings, non-fatal shootings, arson, motor vehicle theft, retail fraud theft and more.
Spoiler Alert - Kent County is #2 and Ottawa County is #8...
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Michigan’s $81 Million Opioid Settlement Distribution

January 13, 2023

Michigan is anticipating over $1.45 billion from opioid settlements. This includes some settlements that are still in process. The opioid settlement funds that the State of Michigan receives will be directed to the Michigan Opioid Healing and Recovery Fund.

Read more at Michigan.gov

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New Michigan laws in 2023

January 3, 2023

New Michigan laws in 2023: Service dogs, school safety and crime victim compensation

Here's a quick look at 11 new laws going into effect in Michigan this year, citing language in the bills and research from both the House and Senate fiscal agencies.

Read more at Detroit Free Press

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Michigan law to prevent credit card skimmers on gas pumps

December 29, 2022

New Michigan law aims to prevent credit card skimmers on gas pumps

Beginning in 2023, gas pumps will need a more advanced security measure for pay-at-the-pump credit card readers

Read more at ABC12.com

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Major new laws that go into effect in 2023

December 21, 2022

With a new year comes a host of new laws and regulations in states and cities across the country. This includes Michigan which will see minimum wages rise Jan. 1, and criminal justice reform. Under Michigan's new rules, up to two felony convictions will automatically be expunged 10 years after a person's sentence is complete if they don't commit another crime.

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Child marriage is still legal in Michigan

December 19, 2022

Child marriage is still legal in Michigan as fight continues to change the law.

The age minimum for getting married in Michigan may shock you. Technically it is age zero. There is no minimum under the law.

Read more at WXYZ Detroit

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Bill to allow permanent sale of cocktails

November 28, 2022
Bill to allow permanent sale of cocktails to-go passes Michigan Senate
Without the passage of the Senate bill, the law expires at the end of 2025.
There were certain stipulations tacked onto the legislation, like requiring businesses to continue to follow all state laws, signify on the drinking container that it contains alcohol and can only be delivered to a person above 21 years old and verify the customer is of drinking age.
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Michigan to get around $12M from settlement with Google

November 15, 2022

The transparency requirements of this settlement will ensure that Google not only makes users aware of how their location data is being used, but also how to change their account settings if they wish to disable location-related account settings, delete the data collected and set data retention limits.

Read more at WXYZ.com

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