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Nearly 1 million Michiganders are subject to occupational licensing laws

October 17, 2023

Labor shortages in various parts of the economy have led to increased interest in reforming occupational licensing, as the National Conference of State Legislatures observed in March 2022

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New Michigan law allows retired educators to work temporarily without affecting pension

October 12, 2023

Prior to the new law, retired educators had to wait nine months before working at a school in order to keep their pension benefits.

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Michigan eyes change to pothole claims law

October 10, 2023

Among other issues, the claims process is not well-advertised or understood by motorists: Of 83 county road agencies, only 20 have posted damage claim forms online or have readily available information on their websites about how to file one.

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Michigan man growing marijuana worth millions won't face major charges

October 6, 2023

Shaaln Kejbou was charged with violating the state health code, which carries a possible 15-year prison sentence, with his extensive operation in Michigan's Thumb region. But a 2018 law that allows cultivation and recreational use of marijuana would make it only a 90-day misdemeanor to grow so many plants.

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Legislation that prevents child marriage

September 21, 2023

Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed legislation on Tuesday that prevents child marriage. The bills raise the minimum age to marry in Michigan to 18.

The bills also prevent parents and guardians from consenting to a minor’s marriage.

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Tips for drivers & school bus law reminders as kids go back to school

August 28, 2023

In October 2021, two new laws went into effect to help keep children safe on the school bus.

The first makes it easier to ticket drivers who blow through the school bus' extended stop arm. Previously, police had to actually witness a car blow through a bus stop arm sign in order to give a ticket.

Under the law, drivers can be ticketed using exterior cameras on buses. Some schools already have the cameras, while others are now looking into the investment because of the new law.

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New Budget Will Help Courts Improve Access

August 4, 2023

The Michigan judiciary will receive $34.6 million in new funding under the just-signed state budget for Fiscal Year 2024. Funding addresses strategic priorities such as juvenile justice, statewide case management, transparency, racial equity, and civil justice resources.

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Michigan Cannabis Regulators

August 3, 2023

Michigan Cannabis Regulators Can Do Whatever, But You Can't Sue Them In Supreme Court Because...Well, Pot Is Illegal

A federal court ruled this week that whether or not Michigan regulators violated the law really doesn’t matter, because...well, cannabis is still illegal under federal law.

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Whitmer approves tax break to increase supply of affordable housing

July 25, 2023

The brownfield program in Michigan provides reimbursements for costs associated with redeveloping contaminated, blighted or historic properties through tax increment financing (TIF) which works by capturing an increase in taxes stemming from the redevelopment. In other words, a development that generates new tax revenue due to an increase in the property tax value sees those dollars returned to the developer.

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Michigan police go slow writing tickets for new hands-free driving law

July 21, 2023

Police departments acknowledge they haven’t been in a hurry to write tickets for hands-free distracted driving since the expanded law went into effect on June 30 As of Friday, the Grand Rapids Police Department had issued one ticket since that ban went into effect for using a cell phone while driving except for emergencies.

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