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Mac & Cheese isn't really ready in 3.5 minutes lawsuit claims

November 29, 2022

And in todays frivolous lawsuit news...

A Florida woman has filed a federal lawsuit alleging that the Kraft Heinz Foods Co. misled consumers when it claimed that its Velveeta Shells & Cheese product is “ready in 3.5 minutes.”

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Bill to allow permanent sale of cocktails

November 28, 2022
Bill to allow permanent sale of cocktails to-go passes Michigan Senate
Without the passage of the Senate bill, the law expires at the end of 2025.
There were certain stipulations tacked onto the legislation, like requiring businesses to continue to follow all state laws, signify on the drinking container that it contains alcohol and can only be delivered to a person above 21 years old and verify the customer is of drinking age.
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Comparing trademark issues in very different industries

November 21, 2022

Comparing trademark issues in very different industries: fashion, cannabis, high-tech

Although companies in vastly different industries have diverse issues, concerns and challenges surrounding their IP interests, one commonality shared by all companies — is that they all need to engage in broad strategies to protect their brands.

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Verdict could set precedent for opioid lawsuits

November 18, 2022

How Johnson & Johnson verdict could set precedent for opioid lawsuits

An Oklahoma judge is holding pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson accountable for the deadly opioid crisis in the state and ordered it to pay over half a billion dollars. NBC News’ Kate Snow reports on the judgment and how it could set the precedent for more than 2,000 similar lawsuits pending across the country.

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